George Gessler
George Gessler - Ihr Besuch im Atelierhaus
Impressionen aus dem Atelierhaus von George Gessler

George Gessler’s Comments on his Work

“For more than 50 years, I’ve dedicated myself exclusively to the arts ‘to my work’”. The first years (theatre) I worked in an expressive-naturalistic way in natural settings, especially in the colourful South. During the Parisian years 1950-60 (Grand Chaumiere) I moved towards abstract-figurative image composition, (in contrast to the Tachisme art movement).
In 1960, a bigger solo exhibition of my pictures took place courtesy of art dealer Wolfgang Gurlitt in his gallery in Munich. W. Gurlitt encouraged me to further develop my artistic mission, that is, my expression and style. I tried to create a synthesis between Expressionism and Orphism through the means given to us by the revolutionary 20th century, that is, to be strict and precise in colour, shape and content. Cycles like War, Passion (Crucifixion, City of Zurich) Death on Stromboli, Palermo, Venice, Visions of the Future and landscapes emerged. Various exhibitions at home and abroad also promoted and strengthened my artistic position. This was followed by various public contracts (wall designs). Especially nowadays, where “sensational styles dominate the art scene, I emphasise on perfect craftsmanship, I prime my own canvasses and create my own colours by rubbing the pigments according to Doerner and Welte.”   George Gessler 1924 - 2012
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